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  Refusing to Change Because of “Sunk Costs”
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jun, 2010
I recently was contacted by the Human Resources Director of a mid-sized Silicon Valley company. She was interested in me speaking on career mojo and employee engagement at a leadership retreat in Northern California. She specifically wanted to know how I worked with coaching clients and organizations to unleash employees’ intrinsic motivation, and enhance their career development and engagement. The HR Director and I spoke...
  Be a Self-Aware Leader
by Alexandra Levit - Jun, 2010
Self-awareness, which may be defined as being conscious of what you’re good at while acknowledging what you still need to learn, is one of the most underrated leadership skills. Apparently, it’s also one of the most rare. According to the Change Style Indicator, a research study on management styles that has been conducted for two decades, leaders are more likely to be unaware of how their behavior impacts others. Also, in...
  Objective and Summary Statements on Resumes: What to Include?
by Anne Jabusch - Jun, 2010
Using an objective statement on your resume is a highly controversial topic in the human resource industry. Many HR professionals argue that objective statements are never well written and tend to be very self-serving. For example, my first resume objective statement was "to obtain a position where I can utilize my experience and grow with a stable company." With this objective, a hiring manager would not know anything abou...
  Upping Your Job Search Flame: Be ‘Needed, Not Needy’
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Jun, 2010
This summer’s Career Collective heats up with advice to help job seekers boost the flame under their job search efforts. In collaboration with my partner, Miriam Salpeter, I’m delighted to participate in this monthly blogging initiative. Sometimes the best way to ‘heat up’ a cold job search is to slow down and thaw. In your job search, have you poured yourself into an ice maker mold, to be left cold, shivering, resembling t...
  The Job Market’s A Moving Target. How’s Your Aim? Positioning As Career Strategy
by Dawn Lennon - Jun, 2010
Specialties—they’re everywhere! The more we hear about them, the more excited we get about the prospects. Surely, there’s a way to align our education and training to get a job doing something exciting. The old days of generalist jobs are waning. Today you can become a forensic accountant, reading specialist, triage nurse, “green” builder, news media blogger, or packaging engineer. The options are intoxicating. Jobs bran...
  Why Networking Gets a Bad Rap and What to Do About It
by Barbara Safani - Jun, 2010
Many people think that networking during a job search means calling everyone you know and asking them for a job. They associate networking with being pushy, overbearing, and an overall pest. People often shy away from networking because they don’t want to be labeled as this type of person. But research shows that 70-80 percent of all jobs are filled through networking. How can this be so, if networkers are such an annoying, se...
  The Job Search Basics
by Kevin Donlin - Jun, 2010
I got an email recently from a man that read: “I followed all your advice but I have not gotten any job interviews. Do you have any other suggestions?" I took a look at his LinkedIn profile and found that he hasn't followed all of the advice I gave him. In fact, as near as I can tell, he’s not doing anything I suggested. And, yet, he wants more ideas from me. So, here's my advice to him and anyone else struggling t...
  Does Your Resume Make You Look Like a Job Hopper?
by Barbara Safani - Jun, 2010
When hiring managers read resumes, one of the first things they look at is dates of employment. If they see multiple short employment stints, they will often assume that you are a job hopper, question your ability to stay at one company for long, and move on to the next candidate. Often people’s choppy employment record may be caused by several factors beyond their control; but unless the story behind your job changes is ma...
  Interview Success: First Step, The Resume
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
When I work with clients looking to improve their interviewing skills, they are surprised when I mention that the interview process begins with the resume. Of course it does. Why is the resume so important? It’s a major element of the job search because without an effective resume, there’s no reason to worry about interviewing. But really, it is much more than that. Of course, the resume is a document that summarizes your e...
  Resume Writing Checklist
by Patricia Erickson - Jun, 2010
In a recent blog post, I mentioned the importance of a high impact resume on the interview process. Clearly, a well written resume gets you in the door, but it also stacks you up against your competition and ranks you in the employer’s eyes even before you get in the door. If your resume puts you in the top three out of ten great – you can work with that. However, if your resume places number ten out of ten, you’ve really g...
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