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  The Ten Deadly Sins of Career Development
by Thomas J. Denham - Feb, 2010
1. Phobia – Whether it is fear of failure or fear of success, this psychological obstacle is the number one reason clients do not reach their goals. FEAR is really an illusion that stands for False, Evidence Appearing Real. We choose safety over self-actualization because we fear the unknown and the ambiguity of the future. Fear is a test of commitment and a way to focus your attention on answering the question: “Is thi...
  Conquer Fear Of Mistakes To Make Career Progress
by Ramon Greenwood - Feb, 2010
People losing their jobs; survivors being asked to take on more duties, often with fewer resources; businesses going bankrupt; mortgages being called. These conditions translate in to more tension and apprehension in the workplace. "People are feeling anxious, so they're being short-tempered, passive and unproductive," says Martin Yate, a career adviser at In this environment people tend to hunker down. T...
  New Job? How to Make a Resounding Impact in Your First 90 Days
by Andy Robinson - Jan, 2010
Time to "Hit the Ground Running!" Your first 90 days in a new position (whether at a new company or not) is the period under which you're under close observation -- some consider it the "probationary period" -- the period where you've got to quickly prove your worth and value to your new employer. Perceptions are "cemented" during that time period -- good or bad.'s important that you take conscious control over how...
  No Test Beats an Acid Test - Our Careers Need ‘Em
by Dawn Lennon - Jan, 2010
Don’t you just hate tests? I didn’t like them in school and still don’t. At work there’s nothing worse then a training program with a test at the end. Takes all the fun out of it. Oddly enough, I’ve never hated any of my careers even though they were loaded with tests. Not the textbook type but the real life ones that come with consequences that can make or break you. Real-time career “tests” teach us things we need to d...
  The Softer Side: Toning Up Your Soft Skills
by Amanda Guralski - Jan, 2010
Why Gen Yers are lacking old-fashioned people skills, and what we can do about it I recently saw the film Up In The Air. Besides being a lovely excuse to stare at George Clooney for two hours, it also provoked me to think about Generation Y and their “soft skills” (skills like manners, friendliness; basically, what makes you a nice person to work with), or lack thereof. These musings were due to two reasons: first, the movi...
  Take the Hit and Keep Playing
by Kris Parfitt - Jan, 2010
What’s the size of a baseball, the weight of a grapefruit and can knock you to the ground at 50 mph? My beau, Dan, was an all-star lacrosse player in high school and college and has been playing the game since he was a kid, he still plays. One of my favorite stories he tells is also one of the best analogies to how we deal with failure, rejection or when we are confronted by something that stops us in our tracks. When yo...
  Communicating Up, Around, Sideways and Down the Middle
by Suzanne Bates - Jan, 2010
“Be in charge of your own destiny or some one else will.” - Jack Welch Your destiny is determined each day by the path you choose. But just having a goal and putting one step in front of the other each day isn’t enough. You also need to let other people know what you’re doing. That means communicating up, around, sideways and down the middle. Let me give you an example. A story about guy who had his eyes on the prize...
  Save Your Change and then Change Your Career
by Thomas J. Denham - Jan, 2010
A job change is an ideal time to reflect on your overall financial picture. According to Spectrum Group/Access Research (2001), 50% of all job changers consulted a professional financial advisor to help them decide what to do with their retirement savings. Financial planning for most people is totally overwhelming, and so we have to make smart choices. I don’t pretend to be an investment advisor, but I do suggest you think...
  How To Conquer Self Doubt
by Alexandra Levit - Jan, 2010
Self doubt has been something I’ve struggled with all my life, from debating whether I could get into a top tier university to believing I could succeed as a writer. It’s a very human emotion, and it’s made worse for some people because of life experiences or temperament. Self doubt also makes you feel alone. Sometimes you think you’re the only person in the universe who suffers from a crisis of confidence, and you wish tha...
  Smart Tips For Completing Your Own Self-Assessment At Work
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jan, 2010
It’s review time at the office and your boss has asked you to complete a self-assessment – those forms that ask you to rate yourself on your own work performance. Here’s where you’re going to have to walk the gauntlet like never before. After all, you’re being asked to step back and consider how your work on the product launch, or office reorg, “exceeded” or “met” expectations (or, God forbid, only met the “minimum” requirem...
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