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  Your Key For Success, Measure Your Results!
by Bernadette Boas - Nov, 2009
“The world stands aside for the man who knows where he’s going.” Tom Peters Measuring the results of all of your business activities is key to understanding the effectiveness and value of the efforts, time and money you and your team are putting towards the business. If you are unaware or have not measured if: • the revenue you planned for the month or the number of new customers you wanted to obtain was achieved • the...
  The Ability to Learn is Your Most Important Skill
by Alexandra Levit - Nov, 2009
When employers talk about desirable skills they look for in new hires, they usually mean things like marketing, IT, budgeting, and project management. But what about the ability to learn? I’m not kidding. Let’s say a 20-something employee, we’ll call her Amy, starts a new job as a sales representative at a Fortune 500 software company. She graduated from college fairly recently and has never done sales before, so her boss e...
  An Attitude For Success
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
If you want success in what you are pursuing, then you must have the attitude for success. You need to have the right attitude, which is the right set of beliefs that will guide you to take the proper actions towards achieving your goals. How can you be sure you have the right attitude for success? After all, there is a multitude of beliefs and values on can have. I have comprised a list below, a very good list that can ser...
  Avoiding Corporate Relapse in Retirement
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
We seek reclusion from our current job as early as possible to relax all day, take a vacation whenever we want, pursue a lifelong dream, or for any of the other perks that come from retirement. Some of us may be waiting with great anticipation and counting the days until retirement, others will wait with patience and don’t think much of it, and another group of us may not ever want to retire and hate the thought of it. Whic...
  Do You Need A Professional Coach?
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
Have you thought about engaging a career or professional coach? How do you know when you need one? How do you go about finding one? What can a career coach do for you? These are all good questions. If you have found yourself looking for the next step in your career but are not sure how to get there, or you are interested in pursuing a new career path a career coach might be just what you need. These are only two reaso...
  Getting The Most Out Of Your Annual Review
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
It’s that time of year; it only comes once a year. Yes! It’s your annual performance review. Really, it is the one time of year that you get to pat yourself on the back and provide examples of the things you have done over the course of the past year that justify a salary increase, and in some cases, a promotion. There are some things you can do to ensure that you receive the recognition you deserve; a lot of this is dependent...
  Learn The Science To Achieving Your Financial Dreams
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
It is hard for one to feel completely fulfilled and satisfied with their life unless they have achieved one of their dreams. Most of us have the financial dream of being rich or achieving the “American Dream”. Although the majority of us want to reach our financial dreams and become rich, why is it that only a very minute percent of us ever will? Well, for one, the society we live in plays a large role keeping us moving wit...
  Perception, Relationships and a Productive Career
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
Is it any wonder that the better you feel about yourself the more fulfilling your relationships are and the more empowered you feel in your work? It shouldn’t be! If you think about it, your own self-perception is the biggest driver of how others perceive you. It makes perfect sense that if you feel good, you project a positive and upbeat manner – other people area drawn to that. Human nature indicates that people like to be a...
  Plan B From Outer Space; Or What Do You Have In Case Your First Plan Doesn't Work?
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
What is your personal and professional Plan B? Do you have one? If something were to happen today leaving you unemployed, would you have a Plan B? Would you be able to quickly evaluate the situation and know what your next steps are to focus and solidify a new position? Have you been keeping notes regarding your accomplishments, understand your strengths and areas for improvement to keep upward momentum going? With the chan...
  Six Leadership Traits YOU (the Employee) Need to Develop On-the-Job
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
What makes for a great leader? Are leaders born, or can they be molded? Whether or not someone has the capacity to be a great leader, they still need to be molded and nurtured. Which means, EVERYONE, even if their job doesn’t have a leadership component right now, should consider developing their leadership skills. What are the traits that define leadership anyway? You asked. So, in a nutshell here they are: Vision: L...
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