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  Tiger Woods vs. Personal Branding
by Amanda Guralski - Jan, 2010
If I mention the name Tiger Woods, some may think “what an idiot”, others associate the name with “the world’s greatest golfer,” and others are left in bewilderment thinking, “I just don’t get it.” Tiger is an icon, a corporate brand for the game of golf and everything the sport represents. His was a personal brand portraying character and achievement, almost at hero status for his seemingly boyish charm, his determination to...
  15 Career Success Elements - How Many Have You Mastered?
by Andy Robinson - Jan, 2010
All of us desire an exciting, fulfilling career that enables us to achieve alignment with our purpose, create value for others and provide us with a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle. As an Executive Career Coach for the past 15 years, it has been my pleasure to work with hundreds of high-performing executives in helping them to push the envelope in achieving lasting career success. Career Success is a PROCESS. It's a...
  Branding Yourself Must Include Your Own Domain
by Joshua Waldman - Jan, 2010
Without getting into the specifics of how Google indexes stuff online, lets just say that having your full name as your domain pretty much guarantees that you will appear on a search for your name. Some examples are: Do a Google search on each of these people and their URL will be on the first page. Let’s set something straight. You...
  Downward & Onward: Leaving the CEO Position Behind
by Wendy Enelow - Jan, 2010
John Gregory had had enough. He was worn out from the constant pressures of his CEO career...the endless meetings and strategy sessions, tedious financial audits and reviews, the ongoing “helpful” interference of his board members, the pressure and the all added up to one headache after another, one challenge after another and more battles than he chose to have at this point in his life. At age 49, after 12 year...
  Four Ideas for How to Effectively Handle Criticism and Maintain Your Course of Direction
by Andy Robinson - Jan, 2010
Too many of us allow criticism to slow us down or, many times, stop us cold in our tracks. Dealing with criticism can be difficult sometimes, but we should not allow others' opinion detract us from our intended actions, goals and objectives. ALWAYS make it a point to assess the SOURCE of the criticism before taking action or changing your direction. Some key questions to consider in assessing the source of criticism incl...
  Hello...Hello...Is My Brand In There?
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jan, 2010
I recently read an article in BusinessWeek about famous movie director Brett Ratner. I was intrigued by the article because on the front page it had a picture of him with the caption, “Brand-minded filmmaker Brett Ratner.” I thought to myself, what does Brett Ratner know about branding? Simply stated, more than most! The article discusses his recent endeavors into the world of advertising and marketing and how he incorpo...
  Building Trust Means First Setting Clear Expectations
by Dee McCrorey - Jan, 2010
"I don't feel that my team members have my back," one of my coaching clients, "Merrall", said leaning forward in her chair during our Skype call. Watching her posture and expression on the video screen, I could see her frustration with the current situation. "What does having your back look like?" I asked. "It means giving me a heads up about situations that could bite me in the backside when I least expect it." Le...
  Skirting Around Risk Taking - Why Giving Voice to the Word Matters
by Dee McCrorey - Jan, 2010
I read the Harvard Business Review blog article "How Do Innovators Think?" with its focus on "inquisitiveness". A great attribute to have, indeed, and one that speaks to someone's curious nature. But as the authors discovered, inquisitiveness on its own doesn't always translate into action. And without action, curiosity is just another nine-letter word that never moves anyone to innovate. The six-year study surveying 3,000...
  Stop Bad Career Habits
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jan, 2010
If 2010 is going to be your year, then get serious about fixing bad career and workplace habits that are dragging you down. Here are a few to think about: Bad Career Habit #1: Not Networking Let’s agree on one point – most of us would rather pull out our eyelashes than network. If you’re a networking champ, then skip this paragraph. Otherwise, consider the fact that one of the reasons you may avoid networking is si...
  YOU, 2010!
by John E. Long - Jan, 2010
Remember that old definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Well it’s 2010, and there is no time like the present to push the boundaries of your comfort zone by infusing some creative energy into your daily routine. No need to make lofty New Year’s resolutions just because it seems like the thing to do in January. I’m suggesting that you reflect back upon 20...
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