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  Are You “Professional”?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
What makes someone “Professional”? I’ve read interesting takes on that question lately. Some good points, and some...not so much. What defines professionalism? Based on various pieces I’ve read, it’s certainly subjective. Whatever the definition anyone uses, it’s often THE factor that tips the scale from one candidate to another in the hiring process. In trying to define it, the dictionary doesn’t seem to be much help....
  Branding Versus Branded
by Karen Burns - Nov, 2009
There’s nothing so annoying as a buzz word and this year there’s no word out there buzzier than “branding”. As in, “You’ve got to establish your brand.” Ugh. WG keeps thinking of what Alina Tugend said in this NYT piece a while back: “What if I don’t want to be a brand? What if I like the security and camaraderie of being ‘just’ a worker in a company?” Working Girl suspects there’re a lot of people out there who wou...
  Coach Your Own Career
by Deborah Brown-Volkman - Nov, 2009
When we struggle in our career, we usually look outward. Maybe there is a book, TV show, or colleague who can tell us what to do. The truth is the answers you seek come from within. You can tap into outside sources for information or validation, but the true next steps usually come from you. It takes courage to have a career you are passionate about; a career you enjoy that makes a difference in the world. Seem like a lonel...
  What’s Your Purpose?
by Harry Urschel - Nov, 2009
Ever spend much time thinking about that? What’s your purpose? What does that have to do with your job search or career? Everything! Do you find your purpose in your job, or in something outside of your career? What animates you from day-to-day? - Advancement in your career? - More money? - Ability to have more toys, nicer houses, cars, jewelry, or ‘stuff’? - Provide better for your family? - Provide value...
  Leadership Strategies For Virtual Work Environments
by Beth Wellesley - Nov, 2009
According to the International Data Corporation, the mobile workforce in the United States, which has been the largest percentage of mobile workers in the world, is set to become 73% of the nation’s workforce by 2011. New strategies for managing a virtual workforce are required for leaders, which begins by embracing these competencies for their own development. Promoting Brilliance, Inc. recommends developing a new vision o...
  If Money Were No Object, What Would You Do With Your Time?
by Kris Parfitt - Nov, 2009
I love this question because the possibilities are endless. To me not having to be concerned about money leads my imagination everywhere! I’d be a philanthropist and travel to remote places to see what projects are best funded to better the world. I’d be a National Geographic photographer. I’d row across the Atlantic. I’d work for a season at the Palmer Station in Antarctica. I’d live in Peru and study the Inca architecture to...
  Power Hour
by Karen Burns - Nov, 2009
Must. Get. Power. The good kind, of course. Agreed? To that end, here are some ideas for (nonviolent) ways to acquire power vis a vis your job: 1. Only do work you really truly enjoy. You may be downtrodden, overworked, and put-upon, but you won’t care! (Much.) 2. Feel able to do the work. Avoids that icky helplessness feeling in the pit of your stomach. 3. Failing that, feel able to learn to do the work....
  Public Speaking: Practice + Affirmation = Success
by Suzanne Bates - Nov, 2009
I’m often asked whether there is a formula for success in public speaking, and my response has always been, “practice.” Practice is the secret to becoming good and the antidote to fear. But I just had a personal experience that made me realize that practice is only one half of the formula. Ten thousand hours of preparation won’t prevent a meltdown if you’re walking around with stupid, idiotic thoughts in your head. Las...
  Goals and Plans, Not Dreams, Lead To Career Success
by Ramon Greenwood - Nov, 2009
It’s very difficult --no, it's impossible-- to get there if we don’t know where we want to go. Do you know of anyone who disagrees with the common sense wisdom of setting a final destination and having a plan for the journey before beginning a trip? Then why do many of us act as if we can drift along day to day, thinking somehow we can achieve our dreams of career success without defined personal goals, as well as plans...
  Is Your Brand the Ultimate Narcissism?
by Joshua Waldman - Nov, 2009
My grandmother, who is 86 this year, always told me that, “humility was for people who could afford it” and when I was 10, I “couldn’t afford it”. She wanted me to be more confident, brag a little bit. I’m sure she was just a proud grandma, and I love her for it. Now, only after years of corporate experience did I finally understand what she meant. Of the many cold hard facts of the work-world, one of them is, “You have...
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