Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance!
Sales is a lot like acting and dancing. That’s been my experience anyway. Flexibility, an open mind, great listening skills and a willingness to totally let go of your agenda are key. It is so important to flex and adjust your behavior and communication style with each person you meet, as if you were moving about the ballroom dancing with one partner after another. It is all about appreciating diversity and being willing to flex to meet the needs of different styles.

So what does a dance clip have to do with all of this? Well, sales is darn tough sometimes and requires people who can totally self motivate themselves. And that is not always easy folks! Center Stage is a terrific story of a young lady who is told that she “wasn’t good enough” according to their traditional ballerina rules, but then she goes on to set the stage on fire in a non-traditional production.

Morale of the story? There is a rock star in all of us! Our heroine totally demonstrates that dance can take many does the sales process.

For me, I think that sales is all about creating a relationship with potential buyers. A relationship that is all about wanting to “give more than you receive” people solve their problems and they will want to work with you. Remember, your rewards will come later. You must spend the time to build a reputation that says you are about integrity -- that you can be trusted to truly help people to solve their business problems.
I say release your inner rock star.

Remind yourself that how you face each sales situation is really inspired from within. It doesn’t matter what the external world’s about what you know INSIDE yourself to be true. So dance...and sing...and have fun...know that you deliver great value in your service, stick with it, and ignore the criticisms of others. When you do that -- you will achieve more than anyone thought was possible, maybe even you more than you thought possible!