When In An Interview Paint A Picture
In order to captivate someone's imagination and attention, particularly an employer in your case, you must paint picture with your words. When the mind thinks deeply and critically, it thinks in pictures. If you're not creating mental images to get your point across, you're missing out on a lot of potential interest. You're just not hitting the nail on the head, or scoring points. Involve the person interviewing you, by getting them visualizing. If they have a problem you can solve, a business area to be strengthened, they need to see their business feeling the pain and then applying you as an employee solution.

In order to paint a picture with your words, you should:

Describe a current situation that your prospective company definitely needs to strengthen, or maybe an area the company is expanding and could use some help with. You should then follow this situation with an alternative action that is the result of your solution.

For example, if you have forklift experience and know the “ins and outs” of warehouse packaging procedures. Tell your interviewer...You can stop wondering and worrying about if jobs are getting done on time, warehouse safety procedures are being followed, or if the order is being shipped correctly. Be assured the process will be accelerated and implemented efficiently with me on the job.

One of the keys to creating mental imagery is to use action words. In the above example wondering, worrying, followed, accelerated, and implemented are all verbs that spark images. The adjectives, also aid in creating the visualization and painting a picture in your prospective employers mind of how you are the right person for the job.

Be sure when painting a picture with your words you are well prepared and choose your words carefully. Speak concisely in short, descriptive sentences, captivating your employer’s emotions. You can also paint a picture with your words when transitioning from your experiences and skills to how they can be applied to the job you are being interviewed for.

Analogy is another powerful tool for creating mental images. If you are trying to get your point across, so your prospective employer can understand how they will benefit, and be in a position to take action, relate the benefits of adding you to the organization to something that they may already be familiar with.

Being well prepared will really help you in analogies. For example, if you do some research on your prospective employer and uncover a year, or say fiscal quarter, where they did very well financially. You could then describe with mental imagery how the benefits of employing you will bring them closer to another one of them same stellar years, or quarters.

Remember to always bring benefits to the table when answering interview questions and painting a picture. Use action words, adjectives, analogy, and story telling to get your point across, and watch your interviewers eyes light up as they visualize you benefiting their company better than any other candidate!