Company Overview

How we got to where we are

The impressive legacy of Delta Air Lines, a longstanding leader in air travel, traces back to 1924, when Huff Daland Dusters was founded as the world's first aerial crop dusting organization. In 1928, the company was purchased and renamed Delta Air Service for the Mississippi Delta region it served. On June 17, 1929, Delta inaugurated airline service with the first passenger flights over a route stretching from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, via Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. In 1941, the company moved its headquarters from Monroe to Atlanta, Georgia.

To say we're going places would be an understatement

Today, Delta Air Lines operates service to more worldwide destinations than any airline with flights to hundreds of destinations throughout the world. Since 2005 Delta has added more international capacity than all other major U.S. airlines combined and is the leader in trans-Atlantic flights. To Latin America and the Caribbean, Delta offers hundreds of weekly flights to a myriad of destinations. Delta is also a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that provides customers with extensive worldwide destinations, flights and services.

Diverse perspectives take us to a higher level

At Delta, we value diversity of cultures, backgrounds and ideas — and we are a strong partner in the communities we serve. To this end, we recently introduced Delta's Force for Global Good — a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering living and the environment where we and our customers live and work.

As Delta continues to rise…

It's an exciting time to be at Delta. Delta employees are taking our airline to places we only dreamed of in the past. Through the hard work of Delta people, our airline is strong, with a bright future that includes new ideas, new experiences and new opportunities. Delta Air Lines is about 21st century graciousness and passionate customer service. It's about having an engaging personality and the ability to listen; it's about composure and teamwork and so much more. Delta is about staying fresh with energy, curiosity and optimism.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard

When you join Delta, you'll not only be a vital part of our success — you'll be seizing the opportunity to take your career to new heights. So if you're ready to change your destination, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take–off.

Company Summary
Delta Airlines, Inc.
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