Company Overview
Amplify is a new business dedicated to reimagining K-12 education by creating digital products and services that empower teachers, students, and parents in new ways. We believe digital innovation will transform the classroom over the next few years, engaging and inspiring students. We are building a tablet-based platform to facilitate personalized instruction and enable anywhere, anytime learning. Based in NYC, we are a team of education, creative and technology professionals assembled to redesign K-12 education and help students across the country amplify their potential. We currently serve more than 200,000 educators and three million students. Find out more about us at

Amplify Insight is harnessing the power of data and coaching to raise the level of performance of districts, teachers and students. Insight provides districts and states across the country with educational assessment and analytic solutions that measure student learning and drive personalized instruction. By making data actionable in real time, our Insight products and services help teachers and administrators assess student progress, adapt to student needs and accelerate student learning.

Amplify Learning is creating exciting new curriculum that reinvents teaching and learning in the core subjects of English Language Arts, math and science. These products combine interactive game-like experiences with analytics that meet the rigorous demands of the CCSS. By optimizing the power of adaptive technologies, our Learning products support individualized instruction for students and, at the same time, facilitate classroom management for teachers.

Amplify Access is making anytime, anywhere learning an affordable reality for schools. By developing new distribution and delivery models, our Access products ease—and accelerate—a school’s digital transition. Toward that end, the Amplify Tablet bundles quality instructional content and intuitive classroom tools with wireless connectivity and mobile device management. Access also provides high-quality training, project management and customer support to guide districts, schools and classrooms on their path to digital education.
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