Company Overview
Through the years, we've had multiple names and various parent companies. Yet our purpose and commitment has remained the same: to bring innovative, safe sterilization solutions to the customers we serve. These are the companies and the events that have made that passion a reality.

Griffith Labs/Griffith MicroScience 1925-1999
 In the mid 1930's, Dr. Lloyd A. Hall, Technical Manager of Griffith Laboratories in Chicago, IL, invented the ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization process. Originally created for the decontamination of foodstuffs, Dr. Hall's invention was soon carried to the healthcare industry. In 1999, when the company was acquired by Ion Beam Applications (IBA), Griffith's global network included 18 service centers in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. One additional facility in Europe provided gamma radiation.

SteriGenics® International, Inc. 1978-1999
 SteriGenics International, then known as Radiation Sterilizers, Inc., opened its first gamma facility in Tustin, CA, in 1978 and quickly made a name for itself with a radical new concept in cobalt 60 irradiators—product-overlap, continuous product processing. This innovative technology offered the dual advantages of improved cost efficiency and reduced turn times vs. the more established EO sterilization. Over the next two decades, customer acceptance of the enhanced technology grew rapidly, principally in the sterilization of single-use medical devices, but also in the decontamination of spices, and in materials enhancements for the polymer industry. In 1991, the company changed its name to SteriGenics International, Inc. and in 1992, became the first contract sterilization company to become ISO 9002 certified.

Ion Beam Applications (IBA) 1999-2004
 In 1999, Belgium-based Ion Beam Applications, a world leader in high technology equipment for medical and industrial applications, acquired both Griffith MicroScience and SteriGenics International. The two companies were merged to form IBA's Sterilization and Ionization Division.

Sterigenics International, Inc. 2004-2011
 In 2004, IBA's Sterilization and Ionization Division was acquired as a portfolio company by Silverfleet Capital (formerly PPM Capital Limited) and PPM America Capital Partners who manage private equity investments on behalf of Prudential plc, one of the United Kingdom's leading institutional investors, together with other clients.

Sterigenics International, Inc. 2011-Present
 In 2011, The owners of Sterigenics International, private equity firm Silverfleet Capital, signed an agreement to sell the portfolio company holding for $675 million to the Chicago-based private equity firm, GTCR, LLC.

GTCR, LLC manages more than $8.5 billion in private equity investments in a variety of companies and industries and is widely known for their expertise in Healthcare, Financial Services & Technology and Information Services & Technology.

In 2015, Sterigenics International completes recapitalization with Warburg Pincus and GTCR. Warburg Pincus is a leading global private equity firm focused on growth investment. The firm has more than $35 billion in assets under management.

Sterigenics International is a global leader in outsourced contract sterilization services, gamma technologies and medical isotopes, and the only vertically integrated sterilization company in the world.
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